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Report Reveals Contaminants Linked to Cancer in Tampa water Supplies

  Federal regulations determine if drinking water is sufficient for human consumption. However, just because contaminant levels are “legal” does not necessarily mean they are safe. The current regulations are outdated. They have not been updated in 20 years, and do not match present-day scientific data indicating safe amounts of contaminants.    A non-profit organization, […]

Is Tampa Tap Water Safe?

Is Tampa Tap Water Safe? There is increasing concern about the quality of tap water in the United States. The EPA has clear guidelines about the water provided to citizens. It is the municipal water company’s responsibility to ensure our water is suitable. We put a lot of faith in these entities, so it’s important […]

Thank You!

“Healthy Homes, Concerning Charlie and George 6/18/18 – 6/19/18 They were prompt each day. Had all of their equipment (tools). They introduced themselves and let us know what they would be doing. They went right to work. They spoke well and were always polite. They asked when they needed to use the toilet. They worked […]