Well Water Whole House Water Solutions

For those of us suffering from iron build up and staining, yellow or brown clothes and orange bathtubs or showers. Look no further.

Whole Home Iron Zapper System

Our Water Systems are entirely made in America. To be more specific, right here in Tampa.

We choose to build a system that is more than capable of cleaning the water for the smallest to the biggest of homes. Our well water system removes iron and sulfur from your water so that you and your family may enjoy clean water for the home without the inconvenience of “rotten egg” smell or orange/yellow stains on your fixtures and clothing.

With our Iron Zapper system you should expect:

  • Clean water
  • No “rotten egg” smell
  • No iron build up
  • No iron staining
  • Clean showers
  • Clean feeling water

Get the clean, refreshing water you deserve with the WC-IZ Elite system. Innovative in design, the WC-IZ Elite system provides a simple, effective solution requiring no chemicals or salt for regeneration.

The WC-IZ Elite system is a single tank solution, taking up much less space than the unsightly contact tank and aerator tank solutions. Also, being a closed system, it does not have the unsanitary and algae growth problems that come with open air aerators.

Product Specifications
  • 1 cft or 1.5 cft of Katalox High Capacity Resin
  • 9”X48” or 10”X54” NSF Certified Mineral Tank
  • Up to 27gpm Flow Rate
  • Upper and Lower Distribution Baskets
  • Monitored and Metered
  • 4 Way Bypass
  • 3/4” to 1.5” Plumbing Acceptance
  • UV Protected
  • 10/7/5 Year Limited Warranty

WC IZ Series Elite

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