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Alternative Energy is the Future

With increasing energy costs in the State of Florida most of us are left wondering about alternatives to generate power and not just have a power back up. Through lots of science and development on the efficiency of solar panels now we can say that Florida is one of the premier locations in the World to take advantage of Solar Energy.

Only 40% of America will ever be able to go Solar.

One thing that’s important to note is that solar energy is not a blanket solution for everyone. There are several variables that could absolutely change the outcome of your renewable energy production.

Here are a few key details that you, the homeowner, can evaluate yourself in order to determine if even some sort of a solar inspection is even appropriate.

For roof installs:

  1. Your roof faces South. It’s been proven that the southside of your house has the most sun exposure.
  2. Do you have most of your roof covered by tree shade. It is important to have direct sun exposure for solar to even work.
  3. Your electric bill, depending on utility company and energy rates, is above average.

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