Whole House Water Solutions

For those of us suffering from increasing calcium buildup, dry skin, heavy soap expenses and lots of trips to the store for both drinking water and cleaning products; we have the answer!

Whole Home 2-in-1 Water Softener System

Our Water Softeners are entirely made in America. To be more specific, right here in Tampa.

We choose to build a system that is more than capable of cleaning the water for the smallest to the biggest of homes. It removes calcium and magnesium (hardness) from the water allowing you to use 10% of the soap products you’re used to using. In addition, this system also removes chlorine/chloramines from the water which both helps you have healthier skin and helps prevent premature wear on your softening media (resin).

Enjoy some of the following, most common benefits you would experience from Soft Water:

  • Smooth skin
  • Clean showers
  • No spots on your glassware
  • Spot-Free car wash at home
  • Savings on Soap Expenses
  • Clean glass shower curtains
  • Clean shower liners
  • No chlorine/chloramines
  • Reduction in chemicals

The environmentally friendly WC Series Elite monitors water use and regenerates only when necessary, conserving salt, water, and electricity. Robust flow rates of up to 27 gallons per minute of conditioned water are available from the WC Series Elite providing for the soft, refined water demands of today’s larger homes.

Product Specifications
  • 1 cft or 1.5 cft of 8% High Capacity Resin
  • 9”X48” or 10”X54” NSF Certified Mineral Tank
  • Up to 27gpm Flow Rate
  • Upper and Lower Distribution Baskets
  • Monitored and Metered
  • 4 Way Bypass
  • 3/4” to 1.5” Plumbing Acceptance
  • UV Protected
  • 10/7/5 Year Limited Warranty