glass of Tampa tap water

Is Tampa Tap Water Safe?

glass of Tampa tap water

Is Tampa Tap Water Safe?

There is increasing concern about the quality of tap water in the United States. The EPA has clear guidelines about the water provided to citizens. It is the municipal water company’s responsibility to ensure our water is suitable. We put a lot of faith in these entities, so it’s important to understand exactly what they consider “safe” and how we can determine for ourselves if the tap water in Tampa is safe. 

Problems with Tap Water 



10% of tap water has already been used. This may not seem like a lot, but when you are consuming it, this fact is alarming. Recycled water contains a number of chemicals and toxins. Keep this in mind the next time you go to the sink for a glass of water. 



The water companies must treat and disinfect all tap water. The primary chemical used in this process is Chlorine. So, there are large amounts of chlorine present in our drinking water. The EPA allows for chlorine levels high enough to maintain a swimming pool. 



You can’t see, smell, or taste lead when it is present in water. The most common cause of this type of contamination is lead pipes. Exposure to lead is very dangerous, especially for young children. 


Insufficient Filtration 

The water plant does its best to filter out harmful bacteria and chemicals. Nevertheless, it is simply too large of a task to properly handle. Consumers leave themselves open to danger when they do not properly filter their own water. Invest in a quality water filter to give your family the safe drinking water they deserve. 


Look for Contaminants 

Your senses are great tools to detect contaminated water. While many toxins are not obvious, some are quite conspicuous. Ideally, water should be clear with no particular taste or odor. If your water is cloudy, has a sharp chemical taste, or smells strange, it may very well be contaminated. 


Water Testing 

Fill a glass of water and let it sit for a few minutes. If it is completely clear from top to bottom, then any previous cloudiness was probably just air bubbles. However, if it remains opaque, especially at the bottom, this is a sign of a problem. Because many contaminants are impossible to detect with the human senses it is recommended to have a professional water evaluation. 


The Water Crisis in America 

The news is full of stories about contaminated water and the awful consequences it carries. We don’t need to look any further than Flint, Michigan to see how poor water quality can devastate a community. When this type of gross negligence occurs, the public is typically notified long after the damage has been done.  In 2015, North Carolina residents discovered high levels of toxic heavy metals in the majority of wells near Coal Ash Pond. Sadly, they dealt with these problems for over a year, which caused a disproportionate number of brain cancer and tumor cases in the region. While some heavy metals cause your water to taste metallic, others may not leave any obvious traces. 


Tampa Water Safety Solutions 

The best way to maintain safe Tampa tap water is to choose a quality filtration system. Here at Healthy Homes Tampa, we provide a wide range of solutions to fit everyone’s needs. Contact us today to speak with one of our water quality professionals. Call 800-890-6835