Drinking Water Solutions

Sparkling Clear Drinking Water Through Reverse Osmosis

Becoming The Water Company

With a Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System you become the water company. Words cannot describe the convenience people experience by having the most trustworthy type of water right in their kitchen, made at their home.

Purified Water Has Never Tasted Better.

These systems turn the water you receive, regardless of it coming from a city, county or well, into PURIFIED WATER that has never been touched, has no plastics, no added content, no forever chemicals and is absolutely environmentally friendly. They provide you with the ability of not depending on poorly maintained ‘tap’ water for your drinking and cooking needs or the big water bottle companies for those same needs and thus providing a unique kind of freedom regarding drinking water.


  • Compact design. Space-saving footprint is great for an under sink installation.
  • High Performance production utilizing a 50 gallon per day T.F.C. membrane.
  • Quality branded components. No low value and lesser quality “knockoff” parts found on so many other R.O. systems.
  • High purity acid-washed activated carbon filters with their superior dirt holding capacity and absence of carbon fines, make them a clear choice over lower cost, lesser quality filters.
  • Healthy Home RO Elite systems are assembled in America.

RO Elite Brochure

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4 Stages For Great Tasting Drinking Water

Stage 1

Prefiltration Sediment Filter
  • A sediment filter removes physical particles such as silt and sediment.

Stage 2

Prefiltration Carbon Filter
  • The carbon block pre filter removes chlorine and other contaminates from the water before it enters the membrane.

Stage 3

Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • The thin film composite membrane reduces up to 96% of dissolved mineral salts, metals, and other contaminants in your drinking water.

Stage 4

Post Filter Polishing Filter
  • A final stage process through an activated carbon filter to remove unwanted tastes and odors. Provides that final polish to deliver sparkling clean drinking water.