Thank You!

“Healthy Homes,

Concerning Charlie and George

6/18/18 – 6/19/18

They were prompt each day. Had all of their equipment (tools). They introduced themselves and let us know what they would be doing. They went right to work. They spoke well and were always polite. They asked when they needed to use the toilet. They worked steadly with only a 10 to 15 minute break. When they were finished daily, they cleaned up and let us know they were leaving after each day @ work. WE FIND THEM TO BE: respectful, thoughtful, pleasant, kind and worked well together. We can never sing our praises enough for the employees of Healthy Home. This includes Michael and Troy and all others that has served us. “


Amanda & Joe

Sun City Center, FL.

Second Opinion On An AC System Repair

“Had Healthy Homes out to give a second opinion on an ac system repair today. The service man was very nice and knowledgeable and it was to our dis-belief able to repair our ac with just a small part in the outside section. We were told by another company that the unit had to be replaced. Thank you so very much for your honesty “Robert” our healthy homes service pro. You truly were a blessing to me and my family. God bless”

Den Duncan

Water Softener and a Reverse Osmosis

“I bought a Water Softener and a Reverse Osmosis from Jonathan about a month ago. He educated me on the difference between the water I was using Vs. the water I could be enjoying. I immediately asked him what I can do to change my results and with just a phone call away I was able to get what I need to get my water in a better quality. They came and installed at the time agreed. The staff is very punctual and knowledgeable as well. The process was very easy and the results were noticeable the first day I started bathing with soft water. We were surprised in the difference in the quality of water immediately.”

The Most amazing thing is that I was able to wash my clothes with just a spoonful of detergent. This was a Win Win for me and my family.

Thanks You Healthy Homes Tampa!

Monica Martín

Healthy Home Tampa Es La Mejor Experiencia

“Gracias a dios que lino Valdes vino a mi casa a demostrarme el tipo de agua que comsumiamos hoy disfruto del sistema de agua de HH es la mejor experiencia que he tenido con el agua, es tan suave y tan rico su sabor!!!!”

Diana Valdes

Terry and Diane McCune / New AC Install

Mr. Bishop,

Overall, our experience with Healthy Home has been outstanding.  On December 24th, we called our home warranty office because our air conditioner was not producing cool air.  We were surprised to receive an immediate call from Chase to evaluate our AC issues.  Chase was very professional and extremely knowledgable.  As you are aware, we needed a new AC system installed and are very thankful to you and Chase for initiating and acquiring a rebate from Duke power.  We thank you for trying to arrange a crane for Saturday and understand your office contacted about one dozen crane companies without success.  The day of the installation, Al and Alex did an outstanding professional install.  Our only criticism is the coordination between the crane and the arrival of the new AC unit.  The crane was set up and in place for 3 hours before the new AC unit arrived.  We look forward to our continued relationship.  We want to personally thank Chase for his professionalism; truly an asset to your company.

Terry and Diane McCune

Safeway Water – Aerus Treatment System

“We purchased the Safeway Water / Aerus  treatment system. This includes the Peroxide injector. We have a deep well system that is a real “stinker”. Our water was recently tested and passed all certified test. Also purchased the Laundry Pro.. What a fantastic invention!!!! No detergent ever needed again. Customer Service extremely great. Michael Wright and Trish make sure you are taken care of and follow up.”

Betty Foss

Mr. William and Mrs. Shelby Sapp of Mulberry, FL

To all Healthy Home employees who helped in making our home a “Healthy Home,” my wife and I would like to thank all of you. There were so many of you to name. Everyone that helped in this last purchase of a Aerus Origins water softener we feel were more than helpful in this purchase. Everyone wanted to be sure we were happy with our purchase and we are!

Thanks to all of you,

William and Shelby Sapp

Margarita Ortiz on her Retail Store Experience

I wanted to let you know my mother absolutely loved your arthritis pain reliever due to your smiley, humorous staff in your store ! They had also informed me about your water systems and your duct cleanings and so forth. However, Im moving back to Illionios with my mother due to the fact shes getting to old to take care of herself. Anyhow I just wanted to say thank you to your staff in your store. I will defintely be ordering online or calling the store number that was given to me by the sweet young lady Julie. Those two had me walk with a smile…=) ……..


Margarita Ortiz

Ms. Janice Gonzalez on her Water, Air, and Cleaning Systems

“I came into the store to purchase bags for my 20 yr old Tri-star and told the girl at the counter I would be interested getting a new one. So she set up an appt and Mr. Troy Smith came to our home. Of course I wanted the new Tri-star and after Troy’s demonstration of the water system and the air purifiers we purchased those also. Troy worked within our budget for the right payments we could afford. The water purifier was put to the test when I had my grandchildren over the 1st weekend we had it and they “love” Mr. Bubble in their bath water so I used the same amt as I have always used but this time the bubbles were so enormous I have a difficult time geting them washed out of the tub. To me there is no other better vacuum than the Tri-star and I am so happy with the water system and the air purifiers! Thank You, Troy Smith!!! “

Mr. Frank Decker on the PureStar 1000

Your sales rep (Johnathan) was at my home and we discussed a PureStar air purifier. I was getting bad headaches from mold, dust etc. He suggested the air purifier as an aid in this problem. I have had the purifier for five or six days and am very happy with the purchase. My headaches have stopped and I am sleeping better than I have in years, and the morning headaches have stopped. Healthy Home worked with me on financing and I am thrilled with the product and the company.
Thank you very much Healthy Homes.
Please continue your great work!

Frank Decker