Indoor Air Quality

We can meet all your air purification needs, big or small. We install and service air purifiers, UV lights, and air filters. No more allergies or headaches!

AC Installation & Replacement

Whether your current unit has seen better days, or you’re looking to upgrade to a more energy-efficient model, our team can help find a unit that fits your needs and budget. We only work with equipment that is built to last.

AC Maintenance & Repair

Your AC is essential to your comfort down here in Florida, so of course, you don’t want to take it for granted. We understand the importance of keeping your system running smoothly all year round. Whether you need routine maintenance or emergency repair, Healthy Home has your back – don’t sweat it!

Ductwork & Insulation

Your home won’t be as comfortable as you’d like it to be without solid ductwork and insulation. We offer duct cleaning, duct installation, duct repair and replacement, dryer vent cleaning, and blown-in insulation services. Proper care of ducts and insulation will maintain the lifespan and efficiency of your home’s HVAC system.

Heating Installation & Replacement

At Healthy Home, our technicians are extensively trained in the latest heating installation techniques. Installing the right system is crucial. That’s why we fully evaluate your heating needs, the size of your home, and various other factors. Efficiency and performance can be affected by how many windows, the type of insulation, and ductwork you have. We’ll address as many variables as possible to ensure you get the most out of your heating system.

Heating Maintenance & Repair

When your heating system runs efficiently, you save money. When you save energy, you save money. That’s why yearly tune-ups are recommended for your HVAC system; a system that runs properly will in most cases save you more on utility costs than the price of the tune-up! Even more importantly, regular maintenance ensures your family’s safety and comfort.