The Missing Link to Return to Normal

In the fight against COVID-19, masks, social distancing, and vaccines are necessary — but not sufficient. The missing link is a unique technology that purifies the air indoors.

This technology is what America needs to get back to work, school, travel, recreation, and everyday life.

And we make it, here in America. It is used by hospitals schools, restaurants, professional sports teams, gyms, state government buildings, and hundreds of thousands of homes across the country.

The ActivePure Technology Difference

The technology is ActivePure and it lets you go on the offensive against the virus. ActivePure blasts out sub-microscopic particles that immediately hunt down and destroy pathogens like the COVID-19 virus and turn them into harmless byproducts. Nothing else does this.

Rather than wait for the virus to float through the room to infect others or settle onto a surface, ActivePure particles rapidly fill the space, destroying viral particles at their source (such as a person speaking), adding an important added layer of protection.

Effective, Safe, Trusted

The technology was cleared by the FDA in June 2020 for use in hospitals, and it’s safe for people and pets. In tests conducted by one of the world’s top biosafety testing facilities, ActivePure deactivated 99.96% of the highly concentrated airborne COVID-19 virus, in a closed room setting in just 3 minutes.

Other technologies simply move air around, which can be dangerous, or wait for virus particles to come to their filters, which is slow and inefficient. With some, you can’t even be in the room.

ActivePure, by contrast, provides continuous cleansing of the air throughout the day and night. And it’s safe for people and pets. It allows you to trust the air you breathe.

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