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Casual Business group shaking hands in meetingHealthy Home believes that everyone can be an entrepreneur, an independent thinker and, if given the proper opportunity, would want to own their own business. Unfortunately, in the past, there were two obstacles to achieving that goal. The first is the lack of capital to start a new business and the second is the lack of experience to operate a successful business.

The Healthy Home Business Opportunity offers a unique solution to both problems. It is a true “earn while you learn” program. As a participant, you earn a percentage of the business for which you are responsible. At the same time, Healthy Home will provide the training necessary to prepare you to own your own Healthy Home distribution business. When the training in completed and the basic requirements of TriStar Business Opportunity have been met, TriStar will assist the start-up inventory necessary for starting your new business at no charge to you.

Healthy Home Business Opportunity is not only the opportunity to have a business of your own, it’s the opportunity to change your life!

Please contact our Personnel Director, Mr. Michael Cohen, at 813-988-7701×7002 OR 800-890-6835×7002 for more information on our career opportunities.