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In the last several years, illnesses and structural problems within businesses and homes have increased as a result of exposure to fungal microorganisms and VOC’s, Dust, Dander and Pollen. As a result, there’s been an increase in allergy symptoms and hypersensitivity, particularly in young children. Learning more about these health issues is the first step in knowing how to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Guage Air Quality with Home Inspection Services

Poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) can be caused by many different factors, such as:

  • Air Duct Buildup
  • Chemical Exposure to Building Materials or Cleaning Agents
  • Dirty Ventilation Systems
  • Exposure to Carbon Monoxide
  • Exposure to Deadly Indoor Molds and Bacteria
  • High Allergen Levels Caused by Dust Mites, Roaches, Pollen, Mold, Animal Dander, etc.
  • High Indoor Dust and Pollen Levels
  • Humidity Issues
  • Pesticide use
  • Tobacco smoke

The quality of your indoor air isn’t something you shouldn’t take lightly. Don’t take chances with the state of your home or business. Contact us today for a free quote.

Your Source for Healthy Home Solutions

The presence of Micro Organisms, Bacteria can sometimes be deceiving, but with years of experience to our name, you can count on our well-versed technician to locate any concerns in your location at its source. We’ll take Laser Particle Count in parts of any room that is fostering microbial growth and compare them to samples of your outdoor air.

Ask our qualified consultants for a room-by-room analysis of your home’s indoor air. Our results analysis will determine specific needs or concerns. Our services include:

  • A Digital Particle Count (indoor and outdoor)*
  • A Complete HVAC Inspection (Air Handler and Air Ducts) using a Fiber Optic Device

*Additional micro-biology field sample and lab report will be provided if applicable. Call our professionals for pricing: (813) 988-7701 or (800) 890-6835.

Contact our property inspectors to find any concerns and any other environmental hazards in your home. We proudly serve property owners in Tampa, Florida, and the surrounding areas.