RO Elite

Sparkling Clear Drinking Water


  • Pure, Clear and Great Tasting Water
  • Crystalline, Harder, Clearer Ice Cubes
  • Pristine Clean Rinsed Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
  • Quality Water for Your Coffee and Tea
  • Pure Water Rinses Provide Spotless Glassware
  • Great for Your Pets and Aquariums


  • Fresh, Clean Water Ready at Your Tap
  • Outstanding Water Pressure from Your Faucet; Fills a Water Pitcher in Seconds
  • No Deliveries to Schedule
  • No Trips to the Store


  • Pennies-A-Gallon for Pure, Clean Water vs. Dollars-A-Gallon for Bottled Water
  • No Water Cooler Rental Fees


  • Compact design. Space-saving footprint is great for an under sink installation.
  • High Performance production utilizing a 50 gallon per day T.F.C. membrane.
  • Quality branded components. No low value and lessor quality “knockoff” parts found on so many other R.O. systems.
  • High purity acid-washed activated carbon filters with their superior dirt holding capacity and absence of carbon fines, make them a clear choice over lower cost, lessor quality filters.
  • Healthy Home RO Elite systems are assembled in America.

RO Elite Brochure

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4 Stages For Great Tasting Drinking Water

Stage 1

Prefiltration Sediment Filter
  • A sediment filter removes physical particles such as silt and sediment.

Stage 2

Prefiltration Carbon Filter
  • The carbon block pre filter removes chlorine and other contaminates from the water before it enters the membrane.

Stage 3

Reverse Osmosis Membrane
  • The thin film composite membrane reduces up to 96% of dissolved mineral salts, metals, and other contaminants in your drinking water.

Stage 4

Post Filter Polishing Filter
  • A final stage process through an activated carbon filter to remove unwanted tastes and odors. Provides that final polish to deliver sparkling clean drinking water.