Ms. Janice Gonzalez on her Water, Air, and Cleaning Systems

“I came into the store to purchase bags for my 20 yr old Tri-star and told the girl at the counter I would be interested getting a new one. So she set up an appt and Mr. Troy Smith came to our home. Of course I wanted the new Tri-star and after Troy’s demonstration of the water system and the air purifiers we purchased those also. Troy worked within our budget for the right payments we could afford. The water purifier was put to the test when I had my grandchildren over the 1st weekend we had it and they “love” Mr. Bubble in their bath water so I used the same amt as I have always used but this time the bubbles were so enormous I have a difficult time geting them washed out of the tub. To me there is no other better vacuum than the Tri-star and I am so happy with the water system and the air purifiers! Thank You, Troy Smith!!! “