Fresh-Aire UV Purity

UV Light & Filtration for Comprehensive Air Purification

The Fresh-Aire UV Purity germicidal ultraviolet light and filtration system offers the ultimate enhancement to indoor air quality. The system features not one but three unique technologies that actively reduce airborne microbial contaminants.

1. UV Reactive Filter

This efficient MERV 11 filter media kills germs with Goldshield™ antimicrobial nanotechnology and works with UV lights to trap and destroy contaminants. Unique filter material will not degrade from exposure to UV light.

2. Germicidal UV Light

The Fresh-Aire UV light inside Purity sterilizes biological contaminants such as mold, bacteria, viruses, allergens, etc. in the air as they pas through the system. UV light also reduces microbial growth on air system interior surfaces.

3. Photocatalytic Media

When UV light shines on this specially prepared filter media it creates a photocatalytic effect which captures volatile organic compounds (odor molecules) and transforms them into harmless water vapor and carbon dioxide