Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Michelle Murphy

I just wanted to tell you that Anthony is the most knowledgable, caring, and considerate representative of Healthy Home who has ever been to my house since I bought my TriStar. He took the time and energy to show me things that the Tristar can do that amazed me. He showed me a filter that I didn’t even know was there. For the last several years the rep who came to my house never took the TriStar apart, told me I had to take to the Healthy Home store! My air purifier was in terrible shape, I didn’t know I had to by a new filter and change UV lights! I got a brand new Pure Star air purifier and we love it. He made us feel like he truly cared about helping us keep our home healthy! He is the greatest and he deserves credit because he saved my home. I showed him around the house and he noticed a problem with my air conditioning vent and I had it serviced by Paul and Kirby today. My air conditioner was full of stagnant water growing bacteria and ruining all the ducts not to mention the air we were breathing. Paul and Kirby worked ALL DAY on my unit and in my home and they are also outstanding service techs for Healthy Home. Between the three of them they saved me 5-7 thousand dollars for a whole new unit. I am a very satisfied customer! Thanks so much!
-Michelle Murphy