Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – James Huff

Thank you so much for expediting my replacement Pure Star air filtration unit!I’m very impressed with all the people that represent Healthy Home, even the people that I’ve not met personally. How the heck were you able to find all these people and put them all together within one company? The owner should be very proud.

Now what we need to do is put an office together in Sarasota or possibly Venice. Have you ever given that any thought? If you should ever do something like that I’ve got a 39 year old son that has worked in the carpet cleaning business (when he was much younger) he presently works at the Honda dealer in Sarasota. He’s tall, good looking and a hard worker. I’m not just saying that because he’s my son, anyone that knows him will say the same thing.

Okay gal, gotta go, going to see the eye doc in the morn to prepare for my surgery on May 2nd.
– James Huff aka Russ