Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Gloria Kelser

Healthy Home,
I just received my TriStar system 2 days ago and was able to use it today to clean my house.  I am very pleased with that little pig.  I didn’t have to change the plug once, it is very quiet and so I don’t worry about damaging my hearing and it cleans soooooo well.  I did the floors and the blinds and pillows and was able to do the dusting at the same time, which is a real time saver.  I started using the room purifiers the same night that I got them.  I was dagnosed with mild asthma a few weeks ago.  I have been having this persistent cough and shortness of breath.  I had noticed that it was especially bad in the morning along with a stuffy nose.  Well the first morning after using the room purifier I noticed a big difference, no shortness of breath, less cough and stuffy nose.  I am sooooo glad that I have made the investment in this equipment and thank you so much for letting me have it before I got it all paid for.”
-Gloria Kelser “A grateful customer”