Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Alice Henkaline

To Whom this May Concern,
Bobby K. and Theo did a great job showing me the TriStar. They did a wonderful job demonstrating deep cleaning on upholstery.

The purifier works really great. I didn’t think I needed it, but I found out it helps me a lot. I Have COPD. I found out 12 years ago and am under doctors care. Some times I had really bad coughing spells. For the last 12 years I bought Lemon & Honey flavor cough drops. Some days I would eat 10 or more. Some days not as many. I have eaten hundreds and hundreds of these the past 12 years. I would eat them so I wouldn’t cough when around people.

This past week, since I have had the air purifier, I haven’t had to eat any cough drops at all. It’s really helped me and I’m really happy about that. Cough drops come 50 in a bag and I was buying 6 bags a month for the past 12 years! [43,000+ Cough Drops over 12 years]
Thank you,
-Alice Henkaline