Healthy Home Welcomes Visit from Joseph Urso, CEO of Aerus, and Neal DeLettre, President of Safeway Water

Joseph Urso, Mike Hudson, and Neal DeLettre

Joseph Urso, Mike Hudson, and Neal DeLettre

Last week we were pleased to welcome Joseph Urso, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Aerus, and Neal DeLettre, President of Safeway Water, as they visited the Healthy Home Plaza over their short stays in Tampa, Florida. In his time here Mr. Urso reminisced with old friends such as our Owner and CEO Mike Hudson whom he has known for over eighteen years and worked with in each the Aerus and Healthy Home business endeavors. In addition, Mr. DeLettre commended the developments in Healthy Home’s water division, an expansion resulting from our recent business partnership. Both the old and new faces of the Healthy Home Team were able learn more about these leaders through hearing their perspectives on growth, industriousness, and success (in every sense of the word). Joseph Urso Collage In addressing the entire Healthy Home Family, Mr. Urso shared the story of his start in business, and his personal qualities that led to realization of his aspirations for not only his companies but his way of life. Embracing honorable values such as honesty, fairness, and integrity made him an individual that attracted people wanting to do business with him, and he speaks of applying such principles personally to start on your way to visualizing achievement. Over the course of his time striving for his goals it enabled him to become a difference maker; one whose products support and better the lives of others each day, an opportunity realizable for each person at Healthy Home. Neal DeLettre Collage Mr. DeLettre sustained the excitement and positivity by praising the growth of Healthy Home’s water division, growth that Safeway Water is a part of since we’ve engaged in distribution from July of 2013. He discussed how a sale cannot occur without a need, and the size of the water treatment industry illustrates the great extent of this need. The systems from Safeway Water, like Aerus, are retailed by Healthy Home precisely because they robustly fulfill our customers’ needs for a water quality solution. Following this meeting everyone had a smile on their face and was better equipped to visualize improvements for their lives. With the company lunch afterward everyone was able to meet and break bread together, better relating to Mr. Urso, Mr. DeLettre, and each other member of the Healthy Home Team.

To learn more about the water system developments of Aerus or Safeway Water visit our information on Healthy Home’s Water Quality Solutions or Contact Us today.

Mr. Frank Decker on the PureStar 1000

Your sales rep (Johnathan) was at my home and we discussed a PureStar air purifier. I was getting bad headaches from mold, dust etc. He suggested the air purifier as an aid in this problem. I have had the purifier for five or six days and am very happy with the purchase. My headaches have stopped and I am sleeping better than I have in years, and the morning headaches have stopped. Healthy Home worked with me on financing and I am thrilled with the product and the company.
Thank you very much Healthy Homes.
Please continue your great work!

Frank Decker

Mrs. Madden

Pat’s TriStar