Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Tom King

I have dealt with Customer Service for over 30 years as a manager with Verizon (GTE) in Texas and Florida; so I have a very good perspective of what is required to meet the customer’s expectations…
Tom King

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Stella and Ken Prescher

Talk about God sending an angel when you have a need. We are the recipients of Gods gracious gift to us. He sent an angel, how can we ever find words to thank you. We had such a mess on our hands. We were overwhelmed but you came in and went about setting everything in order. We know our gracious Lord had you in His hand. We pray God’s richest blessing be upon you and that He will open the windows of heaven and pour out so many blessings that you will have to get extra baskets to carry them all. God bless you and keep you!
– Stella and Ken Prescher

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – James Huff

Thank you so much for expediting my replacement Pure Star air filtration unit!I’m very impressed with all the people that represent Healthy Home, even the people that I’ve not met personally. How the heck were you able to find all these people and put them all together within one company? The owner should be very proud.

Now what we need to do is put an office together in Sarasota or possibly Venice. Have you ever given that any thought? If you should ever do something like that I’ve got a 39 year old son that has worked in the carpet cleaning business (when he was much younger) he presently works at the Honda dealer in Sarasota. He’s tall, good looking and a hard worker. I’m not just saying that because he’s my son, anyone that knows him will say the same thing.

Okay gal, gotta go, going to see the eye doc in the morn to prepare for my surgery on May 2nd.
– James Huff aka Russ

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Alice Henkaline

To Whom this May Concern,
Bobby K. and Theo did a great job showing me the TriStar. They did a wonderful job demonstrating deep cleaning on upholstery.

The purifier works really great. I didn’t think I needed it, but I found out it helps me a lot. I Have COPD. I found out 12 years ago and am under doctors care. Some times I had really bad coughing spells. For the last 12 years I bought Lemon & Honey flavor cough drops. Some days I would eat 10 or more. Some days not as many. I have eaten hundreds and hundreds of these the past 12 years. I would eat them so I wouldn’t cough when around people.

This past week, since I have had the air purifier, I haven’t had to eat any cough drops at all. It’s really helped me and I’m really happy about that. Cough drops come 50 in a bag and I was buying 6 bags a month for the past 12 years! [43,000+ Cough Drops over 12 years]
Thank you,
-Alice Henkaline

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – William H. Hepp

To whom it may concern,
I had Mike and Barbara come to my home to show me the TriStar Home Cleaning System. I must say that I was impressed with their presentation of this product as I was in sales for over 35 years. They were great. They knew their product and explained all the features in full detail and even showed me how to use this system. They were courteous and did not pressure me. This is the one thing I liked because that is the way I made sales. They explained the product and its benefits. As my wife has just gone through surgery and had part of her right lung removed, I felt that the benefit of cleaning the carpet, furniture, and air by the products they showed would be of great use for her breathing and mine.
-William H Hepp

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Allen & Beverly Hartley

Troy and David gave an excellent, clear presentation which reflected their knowledge and experience. They were friendly, respectful and went out of their way to be helpful.
Because of our health concerns with cancer and allergies it is important for us to keep our home environment as free as possible from toxins. We are very pleased that your TriStar, PureStar & Cumulus Air Filters are helping us accomplish this.
-Allen & Beverly Hartley

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Virginia LeVance

Dear Healthy Home,
I purchased my TriStar Home Cleaning System on 6/16/2011. The representatives who came to my home were Barb Stewart and Mike Kachelries. They did such a great job that even though I at first did not want to buy it, I changed my mind — and now I love it! I named my TriStar “Priscilla Pig” because she is a prissy little thing and wants everything to be clean. Prissy does a great job on everything and my husband feels he is breathing better with the two PureStars in our home.
Yours Truly,
-Virginia LeVance

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Clyde & Ada Campbell

Healthy Home Inc,
The excellent demonstration by Barb and Nate of your company convinced us to buy a pig and humidifier. It was a very gratifying experience for us to be served by such professionals.
-Clyde & Ada Campbell

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – Gloria Kelser

Healthy Home,
I just received my TriStar system 2 days ago and was able to use it today to clean my house.  I am very pleased with that little pig.  I didn’t have to change the plug once, it is very quiet and so I don’t worry about damaging my hearing and it cleans soooooo well.  I did the floors and the blinds and pillows and was able to do the dusting at the same time, which is a real time saver.  I started using the room purifiers the same night that I got them.  I was dagnosed with mild asthma a few weeks ago.  I have been having this persistent cough and shortness of breath.  I had noticed that it was especially bad in the morning along with a stuffy nose.  Well the first morning after using the room purifier I noticed a big difference, no shortness of breath, less cough and stuffy nose.  I am sooooo glad that I have made the investment in this equipment and thank you so much for letting me have it before I got it all paid for.”
-Gloria Kelser “A grateful customer”

Healthy Home Customer Testimonials – The Kleins

Ladies and Gentlemen:
Today we purchased a TriStar Home Cleaning System Package from your well dressed salesman Bryan Itturria. Bryan’s professionalism and enthusiasm were superb! He was charming, exciting and full of energy as he spoke with us. He spent three hours at our home explaining and demonstrating the several extraordinary features of the TriStar Home Cleaning System.
Bryan discussed all areas of purchase in great detail. He demonstrated the safety features of TriStar in case our doggies get upset with noise, and go crazy with the system. He spoke very clearly, articulating in a well-mannered way. Bryan also explained the Lifetime Warranty of TriStar and it’s Lifetime Motor Replacement Policy. He discussed the Storage and Maintenance of the eauirment along with Troubleshooting. He discussed the filter care and secondary filter option, along with other optional accessories. Bryan also explained that your company offers Disaster Recovery..
For the 40 years of our marriage, we have always had an excellent Electrolux Vacuum Cleaner and Floor Buffer and Waxer. When asked what we would prefer as a Wedding Gift – our Company, Columbia University School of Engineering gave us our first Electrolux!
-Sincerely, The Kleins